Frequently Asked Questions





What is Discovery Point’s address?

Discovery Point is part of SeaWorld San Antonio, located at:

10500 SeaWorld Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251

Where can I find driving directions?

From Downtown San Antonio

Take I-37 South to Highway 90 West. Exit Highway 151 West. Take the Westover Hills Blvd. exit and turn left. Westover Hills Blvd. will take you directly to SeaWorld's entrance.

From North (Airport area)

Take Loop 410 West to SeaWorld exit. Take Highway 151 West to Westover Hills Blvd. and turn left. Westover Hills Blvd. will take you directly to SeaWorld's entrance.

From South (Corpus Christi, Pleasanton)

Take I-37 North, exit to Highway 90 West. Take Highway 151 West to Westover Hills Blvd. and turn left. Westover Hills Blvd. will take you directly to SeaWorld's entrance.

From West (Del Rio, Uvalde)

Take Highway 90 East to Loop 1604. Turn left on Loop 1604. Turn right on Ellison Drive. Follow Ellison Drive to SeaWorld's entrance.

From East (Seguin, Houston)

Take I-10 West, which becomes Highway 90 West. Take Highway 90 West to Highway 151 West. Exit at Westover Hills Blvd. and turn left. Westover Hills Blvd. will take you directly to SeaWorld's entrance.

From Austin or Dallas

Take I-35 South to Loop 410 West. Take Highway 151 West to Westover Hills Blvd. Turn left at Westover Hills Blvd. Westover Hills Blvd. will take you directly to SeaWorld's entrance.

From West (El Paso, Kerrville)

Take I-10 East to Loop 1604. Turn right on Loop 1604. Exit Highway 151 East to Westover Hills Blvd. Turn right at Westover Hills Blvd. Westover Hills Blvd. will take you directly to SeaWorld's entrance.

Are the hours at Discovery Point the same as at SeaWorld?

Yes, Discovery Point is a part of SeaWorld San Antonio, which is a seasonal park. Please be sure to check our Park Hours and Show Schedules for the dates you’re planning to visit. Our Dolphin Swims, Beluga Swims and Sea Lion Swims are separate ticketed experiences and reservation are required. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your check-in time for your scheduled Swim.

NOTE: Discovery Point will be closing at 6pm on SeaWorld operating days during the Christmas season.

How much is parking?

• Self-parking at SeaWorld San Antonio is $20 per day.

• To add a parking package to your reservation or for bundled offers, please contact one of our Guest Reservations specialists: 210-520-4SEA.

• General parking is included FREE with our Annual Pass memberships, one of many benefits and our park’s best value. Learn more.

Could you recommend a hotel in the area close to Discovery Point?

Absolutely, please click here for information for referrals for our hotel partners and their current SeaWorld packages.


Is Discovery Point really the only true dolphin swim in Texas?

Not only is Discovery Point the best dolphin swim in Texas, it’s actually the only true in-water dolphin swim in Texas. While a few different species of dolphins live off the Texas coast and there are deck-side encounters off boats that let you see them, U.S. law actually prohibits swimming with wild dolphins. This is for their protection, so that wild populations don’t become habituated to humans and less able to fend for themselves the way they would have to in the wild. That’s one of the things that makes our Dolphin Swim so special.

Are reservations required for your Swims?

Discovery Point has limited space for each swim, so it is highly recommended you make a reservation for your visit. If you are planning to visit during peak seasons, such as in the summer or over a holiday weekend, we recommend booking a reservation at least two months in advance as these timeframes tend to book early. Guests with reservations will need to have a name, confirmation number and photo ID, for guests over the age of 18, to check in.

How long is the total Swim experience:

• The in-water experience is 20-30 minutes long.

• Beforehand, there is a short orientation session (about 10 minutes) led by Discovery Point's expert animal trainers to discuss safety and offer an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

• Next, small groups move to their swim location for the in-water experience with the dolphins, Beluga whales, or Sea Lions.

• Guests participating in the Beluga or Sea Lion swim will be taken by shuttle to Beluga Bay or Sea Lion Shallows, and return to Discovery Point after their Swim.

• After the in-water experience, guests can view photographs and video of their interactions and talk about their experience with trainers and other participants. Guests should plan on allocating 2 hours  for the whole program, depending on whether their swim is at Discovery Point or elsewhere in the park.

Where do I check in for my Swim?

Please be at the Discovery Point Guest Reception area at least 15 minutes before your reserved time.

How many other people will be in the group during my Swim?

We’ve limited the size of the groups so that your interactions can be more intimate and special, which is why we encourage early reservations as groups do fill up quickly.

• Up to 8 guests Dolphin Swim per pod of dolphins.

• Up to 14  guests for Beluga Swim

• Up to 7 guests for Sea Lion Swim

Will I receive a confirmation packet?

All reservation confirmations will be delivered via email.

How do I review my reservation?

Enter your email and password you used when you purchased your reservation to review online here. However, at this time all changes must be made by calling our reservations center: 210-520-4SEA. 

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. All participants are required to sign a waiver. The form can be printed and filled out prior to your visit. The form can be located here

How do I change or cancel a reservation?

At Discovery Point, we recognize that vacation plans sometimes change. To accommodate this, we will allow one complimentary date change prior to your visit, pending availability. Further changes to your itinerary will be provided for a nominal charge of $50 per change. Reservations made within 7 days of the original date will be booked at the original rate. Reservations made outside of that time will be subject to change based on seasonal rates for the new date chosen. Please note that group reservation policies may differ.

What is your refund policy?

If the cancellation notice is provided more than 30 days from your originally scheduled arrival, you will receive a full 100% refund. However, if you cancel or rebook your Discovery Point reservation within 30 days of your visit, there is no refund. If you have to change or cancel your reservation, please contact the Discovery Point reservations center: 210-520-4SEA. Group reservation policies may differ.


How much is admission to Discovery Point?

With the exception of our in-water Swim experiences, Discovery Point is open to all guests. Ask how to turn your SeaWorld single-day ticket into a 14-day length of stay ticket, or call 210-520-4SEA.

What are the prices for the Dolphin Swims, Beluga Swims or Sea Lion Swims?

Our Signature Swim prices vary based on which you choose.

Is there a discounted rate for dolphin swims for kids?

Because we have a limited number of guests for each of our in-water swim experiences and children 48" tall and over are able to participate, we do not offer a children’s rate at this time.

Can I use my Pass Member discount to purchase a dolphin swim?

Absolutely. We made sure our Pass Members could continue to enjoy exclusive discounts for these incredible experiences, as well as for our Beluga Swims or Sea Lion Swims. To ensure your discount is applied, please book your reservations in person or by calling 210-520-4SEA rather than online at this time.

What all does the Dolphin Swim, Beluga Swim or Sea Lion Swim cost include?

Your Swim experience includes:

• Complimentary Wetsuit rental is included, and are recommended while guests are in the water.

• A changing room with shower facilities and amenities

• Locker and towel rental

• In-park shuttle to and from Beluga Bay or Sea Lion Shallows

Are there any discounts or special offers available?

Please see our Discounts and Special Offers page for information on Pass Member discounts.

Is admission to Aquatica included?

Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark™, is located next door to SeaWorld but is a separate ticketed park. Two-park tickets, Annual Pass memberships and Fun Cards are available.

Do I need a separate ticket to watch a Swim if I’m not participating? 

Friends and relatives of guests who are participating in dolphin, seal lion or beluga swims who wish to watch the interactions may purchase an observer ticket. Space is limited and will be available on a first come, first served bases. Observer tickets may ONLY be purchased upon arrival at Discovery Point for $30. 


What should I wear for my Swim?

Guests should bring their own swimsuits, and, if they choose, water socks or rubber pool shoes, hat, sunglasses and cover-up or dry clothes, as well as a change of clothes for after your swim. Discovery Point provides all guests with wetsuits. With the exception of watches and wedding bands, Discovery Point guests may not wear jewelry for the safety of the animals.

Is a wetsuit rental included, and can I bring my own?

You are welcome to bring your own wetsuit if you have one. Otherwise, wetsuits and a towel are provided at no additional charge, to be returned at the end of your Swim. We recommend you wear a wetsuit while you are in the water. Short and long wetsuits are available in adult and children’s sizes:

• Men’s:  XS to 5XL

• Women’s:  6 to 22

• Children’s:  2 to 16

What’s the water temperature like?

Dolphin Lagoon water temperatures are between 74° and 79° Fahrenheit.

Can I wear jewelry?

With the exception of wedding rings and watches, no jewelry is permitted in the water during your swim. Please understand this is for the safety of the animals in our care, a responsibility we take very seriously, and ask that our guests do, too. We sure appreciate your understanding.


Do I need to be a good swimmer to swim with dolphins, belugas or sea lions?

As long as you’re comfortable being in at least 3 feet of water alongside these amazing animals, our swims are suitable for all swimming levels. 

Are there age requirements for admission to SeaWorld or Discovery Point’s Swims?

Age requirements for Dolphin Swims, Beluga Swims or Sea Lion Swims:

• All Minors participating in a Swim must be at least 48" tall. There is no age requirement. Any guest under the age of 18 must have any and all release forms signed by a parent/legal guardian. Parents should take into account their child will be in water that is approximately 3-feet deep with large animals. Parents who wish to participate in the Swim will need to make their own paid reservation.  

General park age requirements:

• For children age 13 and younger – except when participating in an event intended for young guests such as our Camps, sleepovers, and educational programs – SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment requires children be with a supervising companion.*

• All guests must be 14 to enter the park without parental supervision. However, a parent or legal guardian must sign an "Authorization to Treat" form prior to park entry.


Are Dolphin Swims accessible for people with disabilities?

To participate in one of our swim programs, guests with disabilities must be able to stand on their own during the interaction and walk with the aid of a personal assistant.

What if I’m pregnant?

We do not have restrictions for expectant mothers, it is up to the individual. However, please consider the day will involve swimming in deep water with a live animal weighing over 500 pounds. The experience will involve up-close activities, which is what makes them so special. You will also need to make sure your wetsuit fits comfortably. Therefore, we do ask that you consult your doctor prior to your visit and explain the nature of the interaction and activities to receive a proper assessment.


Will there be photos available from my Swim?

Yes, Discovery Point’s photographers and videographers will be on hand to help you collect keepsake memories of your Dolphin Swim, Beluga Swim or Sea Lion swim. These will be available for purchase before you leave.

Can I bring my own camera or video recorder?

Swim participants: Participants are welcome to use their own cameras or recording devices at Discovery Point, with the exception of in the water. These are curious animals, and for their sake (not to mention the sake of your photo equipment or cell phone), we cannot risk items being accidentally dropped in their habitat. 

Observers: At Beluga Bay and Sea Lion Shallows, paid Observers are allowed to take photos and videos of your swim for you. Observer tickets are not available at Dolphin Lagoon due to the limited amount of space available at this private area. However, there are great places from across the lagoon to get those special photos of your swim.


Are any of your dolphins rescues?

Yes, in fact, a number of of the animals in our care across our family of parks are rescues.

As a global leader in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, our SeaWorld Rescue team and expert zoological staff has helped more than 25,000 orphaned, injured or sick animals over our parks’ 50 years, including nearly 500 dolphins and more than 6500 seals or sea lions. Our rescue team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our goal for every animal we rescue is to successfully rehabilitate and return it to the wild. And for the small percentage of animals with conditions that would prevent them from surviving in the wild, they are given lifelong care at SeaWorld or another accredited facility. You can also catch our popular Saturday morning TV series, Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs.

Do any Discovery Point animals come from drive fisheries?

Absolutely not. Discovery Point and all SeaWorld parks are opposed to these drive hunts in Japan and elsewhere. No animal in our care is from a drive hunt. In fact, the majority of our marine mammals were born right here in our parks. It’s actually a violation of U.S. law to bring an animal collected in that manner into the U.S. To learn more about what zoos and aquariums are doing to stop this practice, join us by visiting To learn more about our dolphin, sea lion and other animal rescues, visit


• Weapons including knives are not permitted to be taken into the park.

• Smoking is not permitted.

• Liability: SeaWorld San Antonio is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicle including articles left within.

• Compliance: SeaWorld San Antonio reserves the right to refuse admission or ask anyone to leave the park that is not in compliance with these rules.

• Photo consent: Your presence in the park constitutes your consent to be photographed and/or recorded while in the park. You irrevocably grant SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc., and its affiliates, assignees, licensees and successors the right to use your image, voice and likeness in all forms and media for any purpose whatsoever throughout the world, in perpetuity, without any limitation or compensation. In addition, no photos, videos or other recordings taken by any park attendee may be used for any commercial purpose, gain, or other exploitation for profit without the express written consent of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment offers a variety of challenging careers in fields such as guest service, animal care, operations, food service, landscaping and marketing. Visit for details. Also, for more information regarding a rewarding career in Marine Mammal Training, check out our career resources page.