See another side of the sea’s legendary


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Sharks are the sea’s way of proving that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s face it, any animal known for having row after row of razor sharp teeth is bound to get a bad wrap.

But the fact is, sharks are the ones in danger out there. And that’s not good for the rest of the sea – or us, who depend on its bounty for some of our planet’s best sources of nutrition.

That’s because nature needs top predators like sharks to keep whole ecosystems in balance. Remove any top dog in an ecosystem, and the whole thing can topple.

Here at Explorer’s Reef, you’ll get a close-as-you-dare look at several species of these top predators, including zebra sharks, sand tigers, blacktip sharks and nurse sharks – all of which are considered vulnerable and well on their way toward endangered status. You’ll also learn how to help turn the tide for these and other animals who are essential to our seas.